It’s Not Working


I tried closing my eyes again, this time its not working anymore, I am still hurting…for how long? I remember that I was about four. Its my frist time to play hide and seek. “Now, I will close my eyes and every body go find a place to hide. At the count of 20 I am going to look for each of you.” my friend instructed me. So as he begun counting,, I coulfn’t find a place to hide. I thought of a bright idea. I would just close my eyes and every thing will be pitch black and no one can see me. And when its time for me to come out I will just open my eyes and everything will just appear again. It didn’t work I found out later. As I grow older,  I would do the same trick when problems came my way. Many times I would just go to sleep specially when I am hurting. It worked sometimes.