Will He Notice? By Jim Meador

Will He notice?

Will He notice when I enter
the Golden Realm above?
Will I hear His words of welcome
or miss His glance of love?

For I know I’ve often failed Him
and did not His words obey.
And in times of weakness
ignored what He did say.

Must I go to line’s end and
gaze on Throne from there
till all but me have passed
and I finally can come near?

But, No – He is standing as
thru the Golden Door I stride
and angels urge me forward
till I’m closely by His side.

So tis true as He said so
many years ago. “the first
shall be last and last first.”
and for me He has made it so.

Declaring my name to the Assembly
and welcoming me to my new home,
He whispered with true thanksgiving,
“Another Prodigal has ceased to roam!”

Copyright 2010 Jim C. Meador
all rights reserved.