Car Accident

After the angst of my covid infection died down, I was back to my routine of Scripture reading at 8 am by the window overlooking the skirted cul-de-sac skirted front lawn. My reading plan brought me to  Revelation 3. “…7 stars, 7 lamp stands, 7 Spirits of God…. ” its all symbolism beyond my grasp. Gradually my mind drifted off to Pslam 121 which I had memorized years ago while my eyes were still bouncing off Rev. 3. “…from whence comes my help (I love NKJV) , My help comes form the Lord who made heaven and earth ….He will not allow your foot to be moved … He who keeps you will neither slumber nor sleep … the sun shall not strike you by day nor the moon by night. ..”

I need to drop off the heart monitor that I had been wearing for the last 30 days at UPS. Ran some errands after that and coming home, at  about 1 pm, I slowed down to a halt waiting for a car coming from the opposite direction to pass by for me to make a left turn to the allotment where I live. All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise of metal hitting metal, sure sound like gun shot. My car was propelled almost 30 feet away to the opposite side of the street. Two of our neighbors came running to help. In about 10 minutes police and paramedics were there asking questions while I was still in shock seated in the car. EMT took me to ER 7 miles away. I was discharged at 6 pm after series of medical check up, answering questions  X rays, questions again and forms and biscuits and crackers and iced water. I thank God that there were no serious physical injuries. Bad news was that my car was totaled.

I was in shocked because of the shaking on impact. Not really fearful, not until that night when I was in bed. Fear crept up under my skin thinking that if I was hit from behind by just a second earlier, I would have been pushed to a head on collision with the incoming car cruising at 40 mph. At that moment, Psalm 121 floated up again on my mind.

He will preserve your soul, He will preserve you… in your GOING OUT AND COMING IN.”

Life is so uncertain on this side of the world. But His unshakable promises are certain, .. today and forever. I thank God for His protection. More than that, for His grace and comforting Words to prepare me for that event.