Live for Today

sunset marco 2Existing in the dimension of time space continuum, we can only perceive the reality of present. The past has become just a memory which exist in the minds of those whom you have come into contact with. The future is only a figment of our imagination. An expectation which may never come to pass. Without memory, the past never have existed. Without imagination, we can not even perceive the passage of time. Ironically some people live in the past. Constantly in remorse and regret of the mistakes that has been committed. Some lives in the future, either grasping in fear of what might happened tomorrow, or drifting aimlessly in their fantasy which eventually destroys them. Live for the present and enjoy whatever is your lot. For both laughter and tears much like wine of the souls. they both give you a hot burning sensation in your mouth but offer an unspeakable soothing ecstasy when it run down your throat. Enjoy each mouthful of food you eat. Relish each drink you gulp. Love each challenge that comes your way. For in it your strength is honed. Most of all love at all time.