Song 23rd

Munroe Park strollingThe king of the universe…..He is my Father. Wow ! Can you imagine that! He provides for everything that I need. He makes me rest when I am stressed out. He gives me His living water that quenches all my longing and refreshes my spirit. I don’t think I would want anything else. He teaches me to make right choices and decisions in life according to the integrity and character of His name. There are times when I was chastened, I was broken and it was painful. In the midst of hurts I find comfort because He shared in my suffering. In fact he took my suffering on Himself.  One day we all have to die, but I will not be afraid. He has conquered death. I know I will live again with him. He chose me to be His child before the universe was created. He lavished me with kindness. I know that He will continue to deal with me with goodness and mercy all throughout my life. When I thought of all of these, my heart  just overflows with joy and I bow down before Him in worship.  When that day comes, and it’s getting closer each day. I am going home to see my Father. I will stay with Him and never to leave again.    mmmmmmm   πŸ™‚   πŸ™‚      πŸ™‚