Salvation at Molecular Level


We know that any given object whether a molecule, a cell, a person, a planet, a star, a galaxy, or a universe they were all made from the same fundamental building block called atom. God, who transcends the continuum of time and space, can hold the whole universe in the palm of His hand or watch inside an orbiting electron particle of an atom as if it is in a motionless state. He in his infinite wisdom created “ex-nihilo” the whole universe by arranging and rearranging the number of particles flying inside an atom in the beginning of time, to form different elements and using those elements  to construct the whole universe. The miracle of turning water into wine is just an example of rearranging atomic structure of water to make it into wine. What I am trying to say here is that any event that happened within the time space continuum of the universe were initiated fundamentally in the most  elementary level – atom. This is because God has decreed physical laws to operate in quantum level and all structure how great or tiny has to behave following the sum total of the behavior of each atom that comprises it. We in our size as human act and react in proportion to the size of the world we are able to perceive. When a man dies of cancer, we perceived it as a man dies because the cancer has spread to a stage where the organs affected can no longer sustain the rest of the body to continue to function. Except for the few microbiologist researchers, we do not bother to investigate far into the molecular level in which all these things initiate and play. Although God communicate to us human as an individual entity, He fundamental works everything out in its entirety from quantum particle to the entire entity involved. When on that day we are raptured, when our body is transformed into a glorified body, I believed that God changed every atom and all the particles that comprise it within our body to the end that our entire body is changed to glorified body. The good news is we do not have to understand and consciously monitor every cell in our body to submit to the will of God. God chose to deal with us in the level of our consciousness. To date, scientist still can not figure out how those tiny brain cells called neurons acted upon by different intensity of electrical impulses coupled with chemical changes that occur inside the cell is able to retain memories, think in abstract terms, portray a personality solve complex problems, multitasking and continually receiving and sending information to and from thousands of nerve terminals in our body. God has created our body to function automatically that we do not have to decide anything below our conscious level such as which cell to divide and replicate which chromosome to pass information via RNA to build a cell component and myriads of other tasks to keep the body going. God also, in that same conscious level is going to account for every impulse or thoughts that surfaced. The thought of these should put us on our knees in worship, even just to start to think how He works out all the quantum details to redeem us wholly and completely.