Conformity vs Transformation

caterpillarPromoting “prayer” in churches with activities , events, programs like mid week  prayer meetings, prayer concert, prayer seminars, prayer retreats are initiated with much publicity. The first few meetings are almost always well attended. But as time is prolong, the attendance dwindled and eventually dies a natural death. Why? Is it wrong to promote “prayer” in such manners? What is the missing ingredient? I must acknowledge that I am a noviee in this area. I too am searching for answer, but here are some of my thoughts.

  • God desires his children to pray, and is waiting for some one to pray to make things happen.
  • Prayer is a matter of the heart, one must recognize that only God/HS can do that.
  • Habit can only be broken by confrontation and realization of TRUTH.
  • Conviction to a commitment can only be sustain with radical change from the inside out. People normally respond through outward conformity. What is needed is inward transformation by the renewing of the mind through TRUTH by the Holy Spirit.
  • Until confession becomes realization, nothing is going to happen.
  • Recognizing that we are spiritually destitute, naked, sick and dying,

Please help! Anyone?