A Tribute to Mike

Chess Mike

My Tribute to Mike

He would just smile at me each time I toppled my king on the chess board. I never beat him on chess not even on checkers. He always said “Fred, you are so smart” whenever I suggested something for the church’s ministry. I know I am not and I know unless the Holy Spirit moves, nothing is accomplished, but those words always encouraged and motivated me.

We both came from the same Alma matter, finished the same course in college but at different time. The only difference was that he graduated a gold medalist and I just barely hang on. On weekends during college days when everyone else were out having fun, he stayed in the dorm and solved all the problems in calculus text book even when it was not assigned by the professor. He had this passion and vision and commitment that when he was up to something he really focused on it and always finished it with flying colors.

He was a man of prayer. In his busy schedule managing a foundry, he took time out each week at noon every Tuesday skipping lunch just to join a group of other businesspersons in prayer. At one time, I challenged him to memorize a chapter on Psalms. I was referring to a short Psalm. Not only he took the challenge, he took it with passion and gladness and started memorizing chapters after chapters in Psalms. He fell in love with the book of Psalms so much so that each time he prayed with us he quoted Psalms, claimed and owned the words and prayed from his heart. His voice still reverberates in my mind today whenever I pray, I can still hear him saying “I will bless the Lord at all time, His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make it’s boast in the Lord. The humble shall hear of it and be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together” It’s always a joy for me to worship the Lord with him together. One day he came up to me and said “Fred I have memorized Psalm 119. “Wow! I can never attain that” I said to him admiringly. One thing that impressed me so much is that not only he memorized the word of God, he walked in it.

In his love for the Lord, under his leadership, he had built 3 schools. 3 church buildings. He had supported countless of people in the Lord’s ministries. He gave generously as he was blessed. He loved people. It was always his burden to see all of his family members, extended family members to come to know the Lord.  The Lord honored and answered his prayer.

1 Samuel 2:30   “the Lord declares: ….Those who honor me I will honor, “

Indeed God had blessed him and honored him. He was conferred with a doctorate degree early this year. God’s word never fail.

Dr. Michael Ang, my ministry partner, my prayer partner, my dear brother in Christ whom I love was indeed a man of God.