Why People Don’t Pray

Why People Don’t Pray
1.    Indifference
2.    Have not experienced the power of prayers.
3.    Not sure if prayer works.
4.    Disappointment with God.
5.    Disappointment with oneself.
6.    Don’t know how to pray.
7.    Lack of understanding of what prayer is.
8.    Got bogged down because of unanswered prayer.
9.    Other better things to do – question of  priorities.
10.   Quick fix- tangible –practical – where faith is not needed.
11.   Wrong understanding or beliefs.
12.   God help those who help themselves.
13.   God is sovereign – God is going to do it His way anyway.
14.   We want to take control of things.
15.   We want to do it our way. I did it my way.
16.   We want immediate result.
17.   Self sufficiency.
18.   Lack of faith.
19.   Sin in life.
20.   Don’t want to be helped –independent /self will /stubbornness
21.   If it’s not from me, I don’t need it.
22.   Lack of motivation.
23.   Distraction.
             What is yours?