Should I pray for lost contact lens?

contact_lenseIn the middle of worship service, my wife whispered to me and said that my daughter who was seated next to her dropped one of her contact lens she was wearing. We waited until the service was over to look for it. We checked the pews and the floor. While I was down combing the floor with my hand I asked my self, should I pray? If she dropped it here, we will find it for sure. If she dropped it somewhere else no prayer can make us find it. As I struggled with that thought, I prayed. Not only I prayed but I have the confidence that we will find it. The ushers even came over to help us look for it. “NADA” nothing. We gave up and went to our ABF.
I have completely forgotten about the lost contact lens until after our ABF class when we see each other again at the foyer. My wife told me that my daughter found her contact lens. “What? Where?” . It was stuck in the upper corner of her eye that she thought she dropped it. Did God answer my prayer ? The contact lens was not really lost. I know one thing, my faith grows. Now, I will pray even for smaller things. I know God cares. The contact lens may just be God’s loving way of teaching me that valuable lesson.