How I Got Started with Praying in Scripture

Bible_StudySkipping lunch to pray every Tuesday noon has been going on for a small group of people for sometimes. In fact an unplanned church was planted through this prayer group. What’s next? we asked each other. Each of these people owns and manages big business company and here they are asking what to do next with the new planted church. You see, when people pray they have grown to be so dependent upon God that they felt helpless without direction from God. Inexperience as we were we decided to come together to ask God. We sat around a round table each with an opened bible before us. We prayed a while and spent some times in silence hoping that God will speak to one of us. Nothing happened. But the experience that afternoon has lead each one of us to immerse ourselves in the word of God and meditate on it day and night. On the next prayer meeting, some started to quote the Scripture as they pray. One of them started to memorize a chapter of psalm and use that psalm to pray. Not for long, we are all praying in Scripture. We did not hear from God on the next step we need to take for the church. But every one of us are meditating on the word of God, talking about the word of God, praying the word of God and yielding our lives to the word of God. And God added people to the church.