What is Prayer?

raised handWhat is prayer?
• Prayer is asking God.
• Prayer is conversation with God.
• Prayer is a relationship with God
• Prayer is communion with God
• Prayer is declaring our dependency with God through our asking.
• Prayer is God’s ordained way that we received God’s blessing.
• Prayer is one way of pleasing God.
• Prayer is an evidence of our faith in God.
• Prayer is obeying the command of God.
• Prayer is listening to God.
• Prayer is worshiping God.

What prayer is not.

  • Rubbing a genie lamp.
  • Preaching a sermon.
  • Exhibit your spirituality.
  • Judging others.

Breathing as a metaphor, portrays a fairly accurate picture of prayer. Unlike eating or any other activities which can either be delayed or skipped and done in a latter time, we simply can not stop breathing. We need to breath to enable us to do things. Its not another program or software that you run  on a computer. It is the operating system. More than that, like our body, we need to stop all activities and rest or sleep to enable each and every cell in our body to be rejuvenated, we also need to have a time set apart to commune with our heavenly Father, to allow our spirit to be rejuvenated.