Was It Just My Run Away Emotion

praying_aloneIt was just like any other day. My finger was clicking away on the keyboard at a speed a cop wouldn’t even bother to aim his hair dryer like radar gun in my direction. “We all have the longing to see  “the-Chapel” becomes a praying church, “A HOUSE OF PRAYER”” … click, click , click,,, as I continued to type, All of a sudden, a heavy feeling came over me. Its like tons of burden was laid on my shoulder. My breathing got heavier and heavier. Tears started to roll , and I started to sob. I groaned and sighed. It came in like tidal waves one after the other. I didn’t make any noise because I didn’t want people to see me that way. I got up and headed toward the memorial chapel where I can be alone. I saw Ben, our new worship guy whom I shared about prayer days ago walking toward my direction. I tried to hide my tears, “I am doing OK” in response to his greetings. I can see from his reaction that he kind of notice my eyes were red. So I said ” got a minute? can we pray?” . He said “yes, I got a minute” so we proceeded to Berean room where we can be alone to pray. He is so young but he is a seasoned prayer warrior. When I started to pray, my tears started to roll and I began to sob again. I didn’t pray much, just a few words asking God’s Spirit to move, to stir up people to pray. A few minutes lapsed by, just as how quick the burden came it was lifted just as quick. We said amen, and I felt so light and there is a kind of peace and joy that follows. I told Ben how I felt, and I can see his eyes welled up. After we parted, I went to Memorial Chapel, found a corner and just knelt there in silence. The whole episode started again. This time besides sighing and groaning I started to utter a few words that is foreign to my vocabulary. I dare not continue. Instead I just breath heavily. Not long after I was in there, I heard two people entered and talking. I am not sure if they saw me. I slipped out quietly feeling great. I felt great the whole day.