Die Well

      mailman I got a call from a 87 years old friend. He is a retired mailman. Except for being diagnosed to have a terminal cancer of the lung he is in perfect health. During the course of our conversation he said ” when I was younger I prayed for strength to live well. now I am dying, please pray for me that I will die well”. What can I say to a dying man?  If it were me, would I have the courage like this man to face death? Would I be scared? If I have only a month to live and I am still physically capable, What might be some of the things I want to do? Before he hanged up he asked ” what can I pray for you?”. Without even thinking I said “Please pray that I might walk in your foot step” “Are you serious?” “Yes,” I said ” You live an exemplary life worthy of emulating”. Would I ? or Can I?