by Jim C. Meador
It has been so many years, and they pass so slowly, and still I am waiting
for my wedding day.
I remember when I first heard that he loved me and I read and re-read the letters he left for me.
But I still have his promise that he will soon be mine and I his;
but it is so hard, this waiting, so many others vying for my hand and heart.
I am so weak and sometimes have gone with them only to return to wait for him, full of shame and sorrow.
He assured me that he would still come for me (if I only wait and watch.)
Some say I am foolish, since he hasn’t come for me yet; and that he never will, since it has been so long,
but I try to be true to him and believe what he said;
you see he is preparing a place for us to live and be together.
When, oh when will he return?
But it’s ok, I will continue waiting;
you see he took me in when I was poor and lowly and said some day
I would stay in his house and be higher than the angels; so I will continue waiting
for my Lord and Savior.
Copyright 2015 Jim C. Meador,  all rights reserved.