The First Voyage


Author – Jim Meador

It’s been 4 months on this great ship.
We have plenty of food and water.
Although the rain had ceased days ago,
the wind is still blowing hard from the aft.
Mother and the young ones are content with their state
and continue playing their games.
And the animals are still at peace; thank God.
I am eager to see the new lands, if ever we see any.

It’s been 6 months on this boring ship.
Mother and the young ones kept asking when we arrive?
Food and water are still at reasonable levels.
Wind is now coming from the lee.
Then we struck a bar!
Couldn’t see any land though.
Water must be really shallow.

It’s been 9 months on this damn ship.
Some of the smaller animals seem to be getting grouchy.
There’s still good amounts of food.  Water tastes a little stale.
We all lost our tempers the other day.
Mother is still at the bottom level. She won’t talk to me.
I saw some islands this day; none look habitable.

It’s been 10 months on this God forsaken ship.
Will we ever get there?
Mother is still on the bottom level, kids are on the middle.
I’m alone on the top level looking out for land.
No one talks to me now.  They act like it’s my fault.
I decided to send some birds out and see if they
Could find anything.  Nope.
Some of the larger animals are stirring.
I fed them more sleep weed.

It’s over 11 months on this stinking ship.
I’m so sorry I came.  Food is nearly out. Water too.
Most of the animals are moving and grumpy.
No more sleep weed!
If it was against the Law, I’m sure mother would
Have killed me!  Kids turn away from me when I’m near them.

Wait! It’s land!  We finally arrived!
It’s been over a year on this precious, wonderful ship.
There’s good grazing land and grass and grain.
Some fruit trees are here.
Mother and the kids are back next to me.
We make amends; all is forgiven.
He made an altar.

(So Noah an his family leave in the 13th month.  You know the rest of the story.)

Copyright 2016 Jim C. Meador, All rights reserved