The Agony of Loosing Your Wallet

walletMisplaced my wallet since Tuesday. Called up several credit card companies to freeze my accounts. Was advice by a banker to close my checking account because I have a blank check in the lost wallet. Placing a stop payment order only last for 6 months and it costs $35.00 each time. I have to notify all utility companies to stop auto debit payments. Have to notify medicare and get a new card. Have to have someone drive me down to DMV to get a new driver’s license. Above all, have to constantly monitor my credit score and on the look out to avoid becoming a victim of ID theft. Just the thought of having to do all these already paralyzed me.

Went through my laundry, pockets, drawers, moved all living room furniture, clean out 2 cars, walk through leaves loaded yard – (fall season) countless of times – NOTHING! Felt so depressed.

Went through this kind of experience before and the one thing I and my family did was we got down on our knees and prayed. Friday morning, I told my wife I could not take it anymore. We have been praying since Thursday -that’s when I realized I lost my wallet. Was it a blessing that I did not know I lost my wallet till then? Knelt with my wife and prayed again for God’s help. I have looked through my car in great detail for at least 3 times now. Went out again to check my car Friday morning – one more time. Lo and behold, I found my wallet in the trunk. In the trunk? How did it get there in the first place? I don’t know. Can’t remember a thing. I searched through that spot several times before and it wasn’t there. Tough getting old. One thing I know – God answers prayer. always.. I mean always.

I guess you can identify with me because you once misplaced your ????      and the joy when you found it… and felt so dumb.