Praying for Cat? Seriously?

cat return I generally do not pray for animals, but on our way to the gym, I saw tears rolling down my daughter’s cheek, it just broke my heart. Our cat had been missing for the past 10 days.  My wife who dislike cat since childhood had grown attached to this cat this past year. She too was depressed. They had been praying for the cat’s return since day 4 during our nightly prayer time. I chuckled inside of me and laugh at the thought of “praying for animal? seriously?”. Seeing them this way for days begun to eat me up gradually. I begun to join them in praying for the cat on day 8 during our nightly prayer time which we have been keeping for the last 20 years. Day 10 morning, while we were getting ready to go to church, my daughter was looking out of the window as usual hoping against hope to see the cat come home. She cried out chokingly  “ma!” . We all looked out of the window. Lo and behold the cat was sitting by the door. We all burst into joy shouting and thanking God for answered prayer.

At that moment, I paused, as if time stopped and everything was moving in slow motion. My heart sunk, ” God loves us so much and cares for the little things we asked of Him… The scene of the coming home of the prodigal son in Jesus’ parable was playing before my eyes. The father gazing out of the window each day hoping to see his son appears on the horizon. And the celebration that went on afterward …. The experience brought me to a deeper appreciation of the parable. At that moment I felt the warmth of the love of God engulfed me.

More than the cat, God was showing us how much He loves us. …. and to celebrate with fellow prodigals as they turn to the Father.