My Paintings

White n FreakyMy daughter’s birthday is coming up. I don’t know what to give her. Tech toys sounded great but it really has no lasting value. I wanted to give her something that she really likes. Something that she would treasure and something that stems from my heart. She loves her cat …dearly. So I thought probably a photo of her cat might be it. No, I wanted something that is more than just a click on the camera and framing it. I decided to bring it one step further … I am going to do a painting of her cat. Not only she would keep it because she loves her cat but because I love her dearly. This will be my fist ever acrylic painting on canvas.




Boracay Beach – Reminisce the days basking in Boracay sun

I grew up by the beach. Nearly drowned at least three times as a child trying to learn to swim. The beach has become my close friend, my companion when I am lonely, my soul mate when I need someone to talk to, my juke box packed with unending music of waves crashing to the shore. my lover that unceasingly caress my face with gentle breeze. Its been a decade that Have not visited a beach. The closest beach to where I now live would take at least  a 12 hours drive. I miss the beach so much that I decided to paint one of the beach that I had been.




Apocalypse – Revelation Chapter 6

Revelation 6   



fred dog painting