Job 1 – 5

desert storm

Reading from Job 1 to 5 with my bible reading plan today

Did Eliphaz correctly and accurately communicated the truth of God? He reminded me of the Pharisees in their encounter with Jesus. He ostensibly presented some form of truth but missed the bull’s eye by a fraction of an inch. Yes, only by a fraction of an inch. That is where the danger lies. Was the spirit spoke of truly from God or was it from  somewhere else? The Scripture  teaches us to always test the spirit.

A very powerful being like Satan knew and understood that there is nothing in all creation that can go against the slightest will of God, yet in Jude 10 we read that we as “human” are so depraved that we utter words that we do not understand.

Could it be that what happened to his children was exactly what Job feared of?

Job 1:5 – Job’s fear.   Job 3:25 what Job dreaded.

If God had not revealed to us what really took place behind the scene would the narrative have gone down the annals of history that Job had indeed sinned and his integrity compromised.

Therefore, do not judge for we do not know everything that have happened. We simply are incapable of knowing every thing.