How, Then, Will Your Life Be Measured?

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by; Jim C. Meador

How, then, will men’s lives be measured?
What is a worthy path to take or a worthy calling to follow?

Should we be Orators?
Think of those that make great speeches.  They may warn some about to step into danger to change their steps, or convince some to turn their lives towards a more fulfilling goal, or to gaze in a different direction and begin to see.

Think of those that preach.  They cause some to seek the Creator for the first time, or clarify a moral tenet or question, or raise issues that were to date without a champion.

Think of the lawyers.  They debate each word and clause of potential laws, supposedly, to make them fit for all, or they practice law to represent those who can not represent themselves, or they draw up legal documents to protect the poorer from the greedier and much richer, or the prudent ones from those without scruples.

Should we be Teachers?
Think of those who spend so much effort and energy training our youth and young people, or practicing team work; all for much less earnings than they could make in business.

Think of those that become role models and give a new voice and skill set for our next generation’s leaders.  They are not ashamed of their path!

Should we be Thinkers?
Think of those inventors.  They turn ideas into realities, for the most part to make
our lives better, or to find cures for diseases, or limbs for the amputees, or new skin for the fire victims.  They develop better grains and plants and fruits for mankind to feed the hungry.  They seek to unravel the secrets of Creation hence the Creator being better known and understood even though the original purpose may have been otherwise.

Should we be Givers?
Think of those who have wealth or abilities to share with those who have not.

Or think of those who use their gifts among the ones who cannot repay.  And sometimes no acknowledgement comes from those who hear and see.

Should we be Goers?
Think of those who leave mother, and father, and siblings to go to the unfamiliar and unknown; or those who go to the earthquake zones or tsunami threatened beach areas.

Think of those who put on the uniforms and fight for our freedoms with some laying down their lives willingly.

Think of the martyrs whose actions are not received well by those they serve.  Their lives are forfeited in what seems like a useless cause.

And do not forget those who may go unwillingly, but by so doing raise the bar for mankind in the end.

Should we be Doers?
Think of those who spread comfort to the hurt, maimed, and dying.  Or they serve mankind in the care facilities or firehouses or drive around our neighborhoods keeping us safe from criminals.

Think of those who “pay it on” and by this action others are recipients of their love and thereby multiplying their good.

At that Great Day when all is revealed, and the books opened, many rewards shall be given to men.  These rewards will look the same to us who gaze upon them or receive them ourselves.  Crowns encrusted with gold, silver, and other unknown metals and jewels of all sizes and colors that blazed with heretofore never seen brilliance and luster shall be passed out by the Amen.

Yes, all of the orators who were watchmen on the walls leading mankind to safety with their clarion calls will have their hands declared free from the blood of mankind.  Or those preachers who practiced what they preached and spoke the whole word and truth will be raised up beside the Word and the Truth.  Or those lawyers who were more interested in other’s good rather than seeking only to become partners, and shunning avarice and greed to serve mankind will be found “not guilty” by the Law Giver and Judge.

Yes, all of the teachers will be graded by The Truth and greatest Teacher and will rest from their studies and service.  Their rewards will follow after them, and shine forever.

And don’t forget the thinkers.  They will meet the All Knowing Who will reveal and share the secrets of the Universe.

Yes, the givers will be given back – some ten fold, some a hundred fold, and some a thousand fold.  Those who had greater love by giving their life for their friends will receive back from The Life.

And we will see the goers finally receiving their new homes in the Great House.   They will never leave again to take to those who lack, for none will lack again here.

And finally we see the doers being granted rest; never to wipe others tears again, for there shall be none to wipe.  They shall bind up wounds no more, since there will be no more pain.  They will dig no more graves, since there will be no death.   There will be no more diseases to cure or hungry to feed.  The Provider has removed all of these torments and fears forever!

Yes, how, then, will your life be measured?
What is a worthy path for you to take or a worthy calling for you to follow?

Choose wisely.

Copyright 2016 Jim C. Meador, All rights reserved