gold furnace copy

 by Fred Troppe

Our Words For Today: are couplets to show similarity and contrast Everyone seems to seek and acquire GOLD (especially when the dollar is weak)….and that’s just the way

the WORLD is But you wonder if the GOLD-Seekers would be better to be GOD-Seekers(?) And if so, would the WORLD be better off reading GOD’s WORD? Let’s see…….. we have stark contrasts of what some people prefer between

GOLD vs. GOD The WORLD vs. His WORD The Tough Choices seem so close, but there “worlds” apart……… the only differences consistent with these choices simply seem to be the “L” between

GOLD vs. GOD WORLD vs. His WORD WORLD and its pursuit of GOLD If the solution were as simple as a “removal” and a “substitution” of focus……. If we could only get the “L” out of both, we would have more “Heaven on Earth” And How much better off would we all be with the WORD of GOD (?). “Do not love the world or anything in the world” (1 John 2:15)

Dear God, where we have been trading “gold” for your glory and purpose, the “world” has ignored the instruction of Your WORD; forgive us and help us all to make Jesus, Your Son, our focus, our Savior, our everything now in this world and for the New World to come. Jesus, Help us. Amen. For more of Fred Troppe’s work, please click