God’s Sovereignty and Human Freewill

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God’s Sovereignty – The state of having absolute authority and power to accomplish absolutely anything as He alone pleases over any and all existing or non-existing barrier. His sovereignty is the inward expression of His free will and outward manifestation of His attributes: omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresence…

Freewill – The sole author of first cause. Not bound by any prior occurrence or existence. The ability to will, think, and act alone without any internal (e.g. foreknowledge) and external (e.g. parallel or subsequent) influence.

Do humans have free will?

If we adhere to the definition of free will above, we can conclude that only God has free will.

Is God sovereign over my free will?

For God to be sovereign, by definition, there is no free agent in the entire existence other than God,  The answer to the first part of the question is a resounding “yes”  and “irrelevant” to the second part.

But if we rephrase the question to reflect what we really is asking.

 “Is God sovereignty over human free choice?

Philosophically, humans only have “free choice”. We can only choose between choices available and presented to us. We simply cannot choose something that is not available and not presented to us. We cannot choose between whether to live in Mars or Jupiter, not even in the near future. We cannot choose between “to eradicate the world of suffering” or “make every one immortal”,  simply because it is not presented to us and we do not have the power to make it happen. But we can choose either, if God make it so and present it to us.

God, in His sovereign will has presented to us the way to salvation.((John 3 :18) God also has make known to us the consequences of our choices. Either through His foreknowledge or predestination, it does not matter. God, in His infinite wisdom and power beyond our comprehension has given us a choice, and has made known to us that we will be held accountable for our choices. And in His sovereign will, He will do just that. And there is nothing in all existence that can change that. Matthew 24:35

So, how should we choose now?