Exploring Noah’s Ark – What do you think The Ark Looked like?

Dimension :    450 × 75 × 45 ft.      Gen 6:15-16

Years it took Noah to build the Ark:  75 years

Number of animals:  approximately 7,000

Duration of the flood : 371 days

 Comparing the size of Noah’s Ark:

Triumph Class cruise ship – 893 feet  (Noah’s  Ark 450 feet) – Cruise ship took 17 months to build, have a gross tonnage of 101,509 and a length of 893 feet. It accommodates   2,758 passengers, with an average of two guests per room.



Here are some depictions of Noah’s Ark by various artists.

Lee Ark Depiction

Painting by Elfred Lee 1985







Image result for noah's ark californiaPainting (Crossroads Initiative)





Related image

painting – Superbook Academy






Life Size Replicas

What Did Noah’s Ark Look Like?Life size – Ark Encounter,  kentucky




Image result for noah ark netherlandLife size – Dordrecht, Netherlands







Life size – Ma Wan Park, Hong Kong





Investigating ancient building technique:

log pond Possible way of how Noah laid the bottom hull held together across with timbers.

log net


boat building 1 boat remain 1






boat interior







chipping log


Only chipping away parts that get in the way to fit logs together. Not making planks for aesthetic look.

Pitch was used for caulking and
water proofing in Noah’s Ark


floating house

Like a floating house, The ark was intended to be a  floating warehouse to keep the cargo from getting wet – not transporting. So the bow did not have to be  pointed for hydrodynamic motion.



so… what do you think the ARK looked like?
Would it be something like this?Noah 4 copy

Graphic by Fredd Tan