Daniel Boone’s Dream

danielBoonAuthor – Jim Meador.
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I, Ezra Pierce, do swear that, as solicitor of Boone’s New Station, in the Kentucky territories of Virginia, in the year of our Lord 1775, one, Daniel Boone, did procure my services to record his statement to me as follows:

I, Daniel Boone, do agree that the record below is the exact statement made by me regarding dreams I had during three days in 1764.  I can remember them today as clearly as they happened then.
Daniel Boone

In April of 1764, when I was just 30 years old, I went hunting in the woods around my place in North Carolina with an Indian friend of mine, Wassaga.  On the first day of the hunt, we set up camp near the banks of the Yadkin River.  As was my custom, I read the Good Book to Wassaga that evening and we turned in rather early to get a head start on the deer the next morning.

Well, I no sooner fell asleep than I started dreaming real powerful.  I dreamed that it was bright out like a harvest moon and I was staggering through the woods lost.  Soon, a man in white appeared to me by a large hickory tree and startled me.  I reached for my knife, but it wasn’t there

He said, “Daniel Boone, do not be afraid.  You will need no weapons against me.  Please follow me for I have many things to show you.”

I don’t know how, but we were immediately in the town of Philadelphia.  He pointed to some men, several of whom I recognized, who were going into a hall and said, “These men are going to be writing some very important documents that will cause the colonies to rebel against the crown.  A war will occur that will free the colonies and form a new nation.”

I exclaimed to him, “I am loyal to the crown.  This will never happen.”

He replied, “It must happen.  I am going to show you more things than these and further amaze you.”

So he took me by the hand and we soon were in a new city he called Washington.

I said, “Do you mean like George Washington?”

He nodded and said, “ Named after the very man.”

I replied, “Well, I know him.  He was a surveyor, like me, and became a Colonel during the French War.”
The man in white said, “Yes, George Washington will become a famous man and will become a General of the Army of the rebellion.  This city will later become the capital of the new nation, The United States of America, that will be formed when freed by the crown.”

So, the man in white pointed again to the town and it had grown into a large city.  I didn’t know how many years had passed, but had to be over a hundred and the forest was mostly gone.  Also, I noticed that there were no more red men walking in the city.  It seemed that a great war was in progress.  Some troops wore blue uniforms, while the others were in gray.  I couldn’t understand because both sides were us!  This caused me great discomfort.  I couldn’t understand why we would be fighting among ourselves.  I understood that great battles were taking place with a great loss of life.  I asked the man, “Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?”

He said, “There are several reasons for this “war between the states”, but the greatest is perhaps to free the black men from slavery.”

Well, I had seen slaves in Virginia, and though I was against it, I never thought a war would be fought because of it.

The man in white said, “A great leader will arise to guide the States in this very troubling time.’

‘But we have more to see before the night is finished.  Come.”

We were taken forward in time by a number of years to another war.  This one was in Europe and fought in a number of earthen trenches. I never thought so many soldiers existed in the world.  They ran back and forth between these trenches making very little gains.  A terrible new type of gun was used that fired many bullets before reloading.  There was a tremendous loss of life; I never saw such slaughter.  I was greatly upset by this.

I saw many horses dragging cannons to the battles.  There were also wagons that didn’t need horses but were moved under their own power.  Air machines were also used and flew back and forth over the fields.  I was truly amazed.

I woke up shivering in a cold sweat with a terrible sick feeling.  I didn’t know what to think about this dream.  It was so real.  I was more agitated than I had ever been in my life.  All day long I could do nothing but walk back and forth among the trees in our campsite.  I couldn’t even go hunting with Wassaga and didn’t eat all day.

That evening I was afraid to go to sleep for fear of another dream, so I stayed up for hours around the fire.  I must have dozed off, though, because I was soon in the strange light and saw the man in white coming for me.

The man said, “Come Daniel, I have more to show you.”
I replied, “Why are you showing these things to me?”

He ignored my question and touching my hand we were transported to the city of Washington again.

We went forward in time for a couple of decades from the last war and another great war was being waged in Europe.  In this war, great flying machines were being used to rain down explosives on the cities.  Many civilians were killed; it was beyond any thing I could have imagined.

We watched the battles being waged for what seemed like hours.  More people were slaughtered in this war than that other one.  I wondered if anyone would be left alive.

Finally the European war was over, but since the whole world was engulfed in war, more conflicts were taking place to the West among the yellow skinned peoples whom I had never seen before.  Many battles were being fought on seemingly little islands of no significance.  Great ships made of iron were being used.  How they floated I couldn’t figure out.

The man in white took me to one of the yellow skinned cities.  He pointed up and I looked, but saw nothing.  Suddenly a very bright light shown over the city and blinded me for a spell.  When I regained my sight, I saw that the whole city had disappeared, wiped out.  It was incredible.  What a weapon!

This war was finally ended and these United States of America earned great power.  I was pleased that we had won, but still questioned why I was being shown this.

As before, I awoke in sweats and shivering.  I was even more distressed than before.  I was determined to not sleep again that night, who knew what, if anything, the man in white would show me.

Towards evening I sat by the fire and ate some supper that Wassaga had cooked for me.  I build a bed out of rocks to make sure I would not sleep and therefore dream, but it didn’t work.

I was jolted again into the presence of the man in white for a third time.

“Come,” he said. “I must show you the last message I am to show you.”

Again he took me to the city of Washington, but it was many years in the future.  Things were very peculiar.  It seemed to be a time of peace, but the people were at a great loss.  Many people were out of work and their faces were without hope or joy.

The man in white told me, “These times lack strong leadership.  There is little love of God or fellow man. Women are permitted to kill their babies in the womb.  Men marry other men and women marry women.  It is totally against the Good Book’s writings.  Evil is called good and good called evil.  The time of the end is near.”

I saw the events happen as described in the Good Book.  Great evil arose and enveloped the whole earth.  Great wars (greater far than those I had seen before) arose and took place around the whole earth again.  Many more deaths occurred than before in the two great wars.  Great pestilences and famines spread throughout the world.  It seemed that evil was winning against good.  The man in white started weeping, as did I.

Then The Ancient of Days stood up and The Son of Man came from heaven as the Good Book said He would.  I saw the Earth restored to its beauty as in the beginning.  Even the forests returned which filled me with happiness.  The world was at peace again.

The man in white returned me to Virginia of my own time and said, “These events have been shared with you so you can make a record of them.  Perhaps man will change and the future altered by this information.  I bid you farewell, Daniel Boone.”

I awoke refreshed and rested.  I felt like I had not a care in the world.  I was at peace.  I then knew that whatever happened in my own age, the Almighty ruled and would have His way with men.  Wassaga and I continued our hunt, but I kept turning over these dreams in my head.

This is the true account of my dreams, so many years ago.  I will never forget them.  I hope this will make a difference.

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